Get Mac OS Free of Duplicate Files With Tidy Up Mac Tool

Does you Mac computer takes too long to boot up? Do you feel that the performance of Mac OS X has has degraded. It is a common issue that often disturbs the mac users. Actually extensive usage of the computer and saving large number of files reduces the disk storage space. As a result the hard drive gets cluttered with several duplicate files and folders. This is one of the prime reason for slowing down of the Macintosh based system. It takes too long for the system to respond and the users gets annoyed while waiting for long to access the files or launch the application. Thus there arises the need to clean up Mac system. There are various thinks which the mac users has to keep up in the mind in order to improve the mac performance.

Firstly, it is essential to delete duplicate and unused files that is present on the system. Duplicated files, shortcuts present on desktop, unwanted binary log files are considered as junk files. It simply litters the system and makes it strikingly slow. Removing and getting rid of such junk files is considered as vital step to speed and Tidy up mac performance. Making the storage space free of such useless and cluttered files always helps to improve the mac speed and performance. It the hard drive is loaded with all sorts of files, the maximum storage capacity is attained and the system is bound to get slow and sluggish in efficiency. Therefore, it is advised to clean such duplicate files to make the storage space free for further uses. This also helps in optimization of mac and enhances its performance greatly.

Free Download Tidy up for Mac Software

Using third party Tidy Up for Mac software is the best way to clean duplicate files and clean Macintosh based system. The utility easily scans the hard drive and identifies duplicate, binary logs, cache files, cookies and cleans them within few easy steps. the Tidy Up for mac utility supports  various Mac versions. So, just download free trial version of Tidy Up for mac tool and get rid of duplicate files.

User Guide: How to use the software to speed up your Mac 

Step 1 : Step one will deal with searching duplicate items. This step will generate a list of duplicate items. After the launch of application the software will quickly scan the system and generates a list of mounted volumes and default folders.

Tidy up For Mac User Guide Step 1

Now select the check box search location and you will find a second window which will show the search results.

Tidy up For Mac User Guide Step 2

Step 2 : In second step mark the items to get processed. Here you will see the list of generated files then choose one that you need to manage. Application will sort all the found items using a basket system. This is the virtual representation of a container. It will help you to find items in groups and also quick identification. In case you built multiple location search then the software will create a labeled basket for each searched location. Now “Smart Basket” will store each items which is required to be removed. So use manual method to rmove which is most suitable method offered.

Tidy up For Mac User Guide Step 3

Tidy up For Mac User Guide Step 4

Step 3 : After processing the selected items you will reach in the third step which is also the final step. Tidy up for Mac will allow you to burn, copy, move, trash and substitute the items with aliases, add a colored Finder label and export the selected items.

Tidy up For Mac User Guide Step 5

So, just download the software and clean your Mac system easily.

Free Download Tidy up for Mac Software

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