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Lesley Clark

Lesley Clark has been born in England and brought up to New york because of his father’s job. She was a wonderful guitar player and a brilliant student in her childhood. She dreamt of becoming a famous guitar player but life has offered something different to her. And now she is a software engineer. At present she is working with a software company in New York. It is hard to believe that now this job has become passion for Lesley and she only talks about her present work. She has become very much experienced and knowledgeable in this regard and want to share her knowledge about computer related problems, their solutions and software programs. And thats why beside her job she is also writing for some popular websites in their author’s page.

Glenn Turner

Glenn Turner is a highly appreciated author in computer world. He has remarkable knowledge about computer software programs and thats what he shares in his column while writing content or blogs. In his early days, Glenn has worked for a software company for almost 30 years and thats what makes him an expertise. He has been involved in developing various software programs with his team for speeding up the performance of computer system whether Windows or Mac and also other software programs for computer related problems.

And now that he has left that job because of some health issues, he is sharing his experience and knowledge through articles and blogs. He also writes in author’s page for some famous websites.

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